Your Contribution

Our aim is to allow everyone to participate in the vital conservation work that our planet needs, from young to old and from amateur to professional. So all our conservation tours show at what level you can choose to participate and donate.

1. WILDLIFE WARRIOR                                            BEGINNER: 1 – 2 days

If you are new to outdoor pursuits or you are a family with children, then this is a good BEGINNER level to get started with your crusade for wildlife. Your trip will normally be one to three days with light activities such as a 3 hour walk in the tiger jungle or a beach patrol to observe the protection of nesting sea turtles. The cost of your package will cover your activities, guides, local transport, accommodation, meals and a donation of around 300 Malaysian Ringgit to your chosen conservation project.

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Perhentian Turtle Volunteers

Perhentian Turtle Volunteers


2. WILDLIFE WIZARD                                                        INTERMEDIATE: 3 – 13 days

For the more seasoned tropical travellers, this represents a level which allows you to really get involved and make a valuable contribution to the ongoing project work. This could be covering the cost of and setting up a special camera used for camera trapping wildlife. You will be able to join the field team to scout a location and set up your camera. The price of your package will include a donation of around 600 Malaysian Ringgit to cover the cost of any materials, equipment and activities, in addition to the your local travel, guides, accommodation and meals.

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3. WILDLIFE WONDER                                                   ADVANCED: 14 – 30 days

For total immersion in the conservation experience, this is the right level of participation. You will be enrolled as an official volunteer and will spend at least two weeks to a month helping to save wildlife. Your contribution of 1,000 Malaysian Ringgit will be used to fund your volunteer work with a specific amount set aside for your chosen activity, which could be anything ranging from the purchase of a specially adapted camera for underwater snapshots for our sea turtle database to the construction of a climbing frame for a orang utan.

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As you browse our Conservation Projecs, you will see the activities related to each level under the green icon for Wildlife Warrior, Wizard and Wonder. Remember, that we will always discuss your individual needs and suitability with you, before confirming any tour participation.