About Us

MalaysianWildlife.org is an intiative by BiodiversityBusiness in partnership with Ecoteer Responsible Travel and APE Malaysia.

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A social enterprise dedicated to Creating Shared Value for Biodiversity and Business, in particular, saving Endangered Species through NGO-Business Collaboration in Conservation Travel and Supply Chain Transformation. It combines the latest thought leadership in Shared Value with conservation practice to save Tigers and other endangered species from extinction. The approach is based on academic and field research carried out by its founder Barbara de Waard.

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Ecoteer Responsible Travel aims to provide tourist experiences that bring the most possible benefits to the host communities and the environment which surrounds them. As a travel company, it facilitates travel and resources to the highly impactful community and environmental projects by Ecoteer.com, which has successfully been providing meaningful volunteer work to thousands of volunteers since 2005. Ecoteer has several established project sites in Malaysia and Indonesia, working alongside local communities and NGOs to create mutually beneficial outcomes.

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Animal Projects & Environmental Education Sdn. Bhd. (APE Malaysia) is a Social Enterprise that focuses on conservation as a means to enable the wider change towards a sustainable future. Flagship Malaysian species such as orangutans, pygmy elephants, sun bears and marine turtles are used to showcase the complex interrelationships between humans and the environment, allowing everyday people to connect to both the problems and the solutions. This happens through conservaton projects, such as APE’s volunteering programme, education programme or Corporate Responsibility projects.