Our Approach

We are NOT a travel company with an interest in conservation.
We are CONSERVATIONISTS who offer travel to provide additional funding for our wildlife and community projects 

We believe that saving wildlife can only have success, when all stakeholders are involved and engaged. This corresponds to the PLANET, PEOPLE, PROFIT principle that is becoming more widespread all over the world (In case you have noticed: Yes, Planet is mentioned before People) In practice, it means that conservation must be based on a landscape approach, which considers the needs of local communities and business, as well as environmental concerns.


The 3P’s formula is a guide to the standards set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), which is an independent organisation setting the standards for sustainability in travel and tourism.


Our unique approach ensures that all our MalaysianWildlife Tours deliver SHARED VALUE: a transparent and direct contribution to the chosen conservation project PLUS much-needed tourist income for the local community members, who are collaborating indirectly by supplying local services and infrastructure


Communities living in or near the project sites are generally on subsistence or low incomes and need the opportunity to earn a living from responsible tourism, which often means transitioning from exploiting the local wildlife to protecting it and the environment


The non-profit scene is changing rapidly. The future generation of donors is less interested in giving a small sum every Christmas, and more keen to get involved and see how their money is spent on the ground. That is why all our conservation tours include a DONATION amount which relates to the level of participation of each traveller.