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Wildlife Rescue and Fundraising Internship

CARE FOR RESCUED WILDLIFE: ORANGUTAN, GIBBONS, SUN BEARS and other RAINFOREST ANIMALSPLUS HELP TO RAISE MONEY for a better quality of life for these rescued animals. Poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking are at crisis levels, especially in Asia. The rescue…

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Cambridge Marketing Intern 2018

Warm welcome to our Cambridge Marketing Intern 2018

A warm welcome to Lucy who has just started her role as Cambridge Marketing Intern¬†2018. Lucy is a Biology graduate from Nottingham University. She has already been working in Sales and Marketing, especially events and social media management. For the…

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Malayan Tapir

Please slow down for the Malayan Tapir!

The Malayan Tapir (Tapiris Indicus) is one of Malaysia's most iconic animals. It's distinctive 'white coat', from shoulders to stubby tail, make it a characteristic species throughout the Malaysian landscape. They have toes or hooves on their feet, four on…

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