Conservation Travel

This is the new way to travel and and it’s the only way, if you want to help save the Malayan Tiger, Pygmy Elephant, Orang Utan and many other endangered species.

Unlike eco-tourism, a much abused term these days, the purpose of conservation travel is crystal clear: your visit will contribute to the protection of local wildlife. It will deter poachers in the area and support local communities to earn a living from tourism. What’s more, all our tours include a DIRECT FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION which is tailored to your chosen level of participaton



Join the fight to save the Malayan tiger. With only 300 wild tigers remaining, urgent action is needed to save this critically endangered animal, which is unique to the Malay Peninsula. Participate in a jungle walk with CAT, Citizen Action for Tigers, and help conservationists stop poaching and illegal encroachment in the Sungai Yu Wildlife Corridor, a priority biodiversity area in Pahang.

Assist in setting up and checking camera traps to monitor the presence of wildlife, such as tigers and leopards (the amazing ‘black panther’ variety) and their prey species like sambar deer and wild boar.



Meet the elusive, yet adorable sun bears: the smallest and least known of all bear species, and the second rarest after the giant panda. A unique chance to see sun bears in the forest and gain insight into the conservation work to save the world’s smallest bear. Learn about their plight and rehabilitation at the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok, Sabah



The Kinabatangan river area is famous for its remarkable biodiversity and fascinating habitats such as limestone caves, forests and swamps.Understand the impact of excessive logging and clearing of land for plantations, but also the survival and restoration of the original lowland forests and mangrove swamps near the coast. Take on the physical challenge of tree planting and de-vining of saplings, which are core activities of this community based Rainforest for Wildlife project to establish new forest canopy in degraded areas.



 Help to conserve sea turtles in the tropical paradise of the Perhentian Islands, just off the peninsular east coast. Join hands with researchers and local government to protect and maintain all the turtles that use the islands as their nesting ground, foraging site or breeding zone.