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Citizen Action for Tigers, better known as CAT, is a very popular intiative by the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT), which has been running as a volunteer project since 2010. CAT enables volunteers to help conservationists stop poaching and illegal encroachment in the Sungai Yu Wildlife Corridor, a priority biodiversity area in Pahang linking the western border of Taman Negara and the Main Range.

By participating in a guided trek through this critical corridor, CAT volunteers will get to enjoy Malaysia’s great outdoors and experience its flora and fauna, while assisting MYCAT and local authorities in local conservation by reporting signs of illegal activity and disarming snares and traps. You may assist in checking camera traps to monitor the presence of wildlife in the area.

You can make a positive impact on the continued survival of the Malayan tiger. CAT activities have caused hundreds of snares to be destroyed saving many animals from death or injury and passed actionable information to authorities leading to raids and arrests of poachers and their middlemen.

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Your contribution of RM 300 will go towards cost of the camera trapping programme, which is a vital component to monitor the tigers and other wildlife in the project area. During the first part of your jungle CATwalk, the technique of using specially adapted cameras will be explained and demonstrated and you will be able to see the kind of animals that walk the very same trails, ranging from forest birds to predators like leopards and tigers, of course. The second part of your walk will include a session of bushcraft with the women of the local indiginous tribe, the Bateq, as your special guides. There is an option to spend one night camping in the rainforest with the Bateq: an amazing experience, complete with a campfire dinner, specially prepared by the tribal ladies, and sleeping in a hammock to the jungle sounds of elephants and hornbills during your visit.

Setting up a camera trap
Setting up a camera trap

Setting up a camera trap



For your contribution of RM 600, you will fund the cost of one camera trap and you can name it too! With the help of your CATguides, you can choose a location for the camera and you will learn the art of locating and setting up a camera trap in the tropical jungle. In addition, you will participate in all the other CATwalk activities, such as looking out for tiger snares and signs of poaching. You will also enjoy the amazing experience of spending one night in a Bateq campsite, hosted by the tribal ladies, and a morning foraging trip to observe the Bateq’s traditional bush skills, which have survived through generations.

Amazing bushcraft of Bateq tribal women
Amazing bushcraft of Bateq tribal women

Bateq tribal woman



Your contribution of RM 1,000 will allow you to particpate as a member of the conservation team in the ‘Realm of the Tiger programme.




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