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Explore the stunning primary rainforest of Sabah

Your Borneo rainforest trekking holiday is a short expedition into the wonderful forest of Tawau Hills in East Sabah. It has an abundance of flora and fauna. There are tropical birds such as hornbills. And native primates like the red leaf monkey. Small predators such as the civet cat also roam these forests.  You will be accompanied by expert local naturalists who know this park well.

Tawau Hills is a favourite among hikers for endurance training.  So, be prepared for morning walks. Moreover, for the evening hikes, you will see a variety of nocturnal animals. Have your torch at the ready! You may spot a variety of snakes and frogs. The hot spring and Galas Waterfall are the other attractions of this beautiful park.

There are three challenging hills to climb: Mount Maria (1083 metres), Mount Lucia ( 1202 metres) and Magdalena (1310 metres).

MOUNTAIN CLIMB - extend by 1 night

For an adventure boost, there is the option to extend by including a climb up the volcanic Mount Lucia. The hike is about 5 hours (one way) and quite challenging. The forest area of Mount Lucia is astounding. You will be able to enjoy a special sunset view at the summit.

The mountain camp is very basic. There is no electricity, just camping essentials. Of course, your guide will look after your needs in terms of food, water, and support. While there, you can experience a fabulous feeling of remoteness and connecting with nature.


borneo elephant conservationTo make your rainforest trip even more amazing, you can combine it with our Borneo Elephant Conservation project. This provides a chance to observe herds of wild pygmy elephants. As part of a groundbreaking conservation experiment, the plantation hosts a special wildlife corridor to allow the elephants to move between the two protected areas.

You will be able to track the elephants from a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Normally, they move in herds of about 15 to 20 animals. An unforgettable sight!



    ♥ MOUNTAIN CLIMB (optional)

    For 3 days/2 nights:

    Rm 950 p.person

    Min. 2 people


    Mountain climb (4 days/3 nights): 

    Rm 1,250 p.person 

    MINIMUM AGE: 18 years and above

    Our prices are in MYR Malaysian Ringgit. Please use the Currency Converter to calculate in your own currency at the daily rate.

    ” The team is extremely knowledgeable and we learnt a lot. They are both excellent at finding wildlife, particularly birds. They taught us much about the rain forest ”

    Karen, from the U.K.

    Itinerary Borneo Rainforest Trekking Holiday

    Day 1: Pick-up and travel to the Park
    At the start of your Borneo jungle adventure, we will pick you up from your location, at the airport, or in town. Then we will drive you to Tawau Hills Park. There you can check into your accommodation. This is a basic hostel but with private rooms. You can have lunch at the canteen. All meals are included in your trip.
    At your leisure, you can get used to your pristine surroundings. During the evening walk, you can find many different frog species at the nearby pond. Their noise is extremely loud.

    Day 2: Jungle Trekking
    Normally, it will be an early rise. Wake up to the incredible sounds of the jungle. In this way, you have a chance to see some primates at sunrise. Then some trekking to view more local wildlife.

    Within a short distance, you may be able to see red leaf monkeys and gibbons or hornbills and kingfishers. Plus reptiles such as huge monitor lizards, and a variety of interesting insects. Your forest walk will include checking on the various camera traps and wildlife nest boxes set up by your guides.

    Day 3: Waterfall walk and departure
    On your last day, you will go for a walk to a beautiful waterfall. Then you can freshen up and pack. There will be transport to take you back to your hotel or the airport, or another local drop off.

    Our guides are respected local conservationists and carry out animal rescue work for their own wildlife NGO. Over the years, they have released more than 100 animals: leopards, pangolins, snakes and other species. You will find them educational and sensitive to your needs, to make your Borneo rainforest trekking holiday an unforgettable experience.


    The climb to Mount Lucia will give an extra thrill to your jungle visit. The trail up to the summit is a 10.5 km ascent. The chalet huts are located just below the summit. During your climb, you may be able to watch Wreathed and Helmeted Hornbills. Especially the endangered Helmeted Hornbill has an incredible song, more like a haunting laugh that will stay with you forever.

    Other animals you may see and hear are civet cats and gibbons with their wonderful harmonious song. So, plenty of magnificent photo opportunities. If you are lucky, there will be troupes of red leaf monkeys and the elusive Colugo, the flying lemur (see image)
    After your descent from the mountain, your last day will be spent packing up and getting ready for the transport back to town or the airport.

    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

    Food is one of the biggest attractions. The cuisines of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore are closely linked by a mix of delicious Malay, Chinese and Indian cooking. Staple foods include rice and noodles, both in an amazing variety. For example, Congee (rice porridge), Bi Hoon (rice vermicelli), or Mee Goreng (fried noodles). Bread, in Western, Indian, or Chinese style, is also quite common. Normally, these staples will be accompanied by either chicken or fish. Other types of meat are more restricted due to ethnic and religious traditions. So, most meat is clearly labelled as halal or non-halal to comply with the Islamic religion.

    Reassuringly, coffee and tea are widely available. They are generally served in a local style such as Teh Tarik (frothy sweet tea with condensed milk) or Kopi (strong coffee with milk and sugar). However, alcoholic drinks are not traditionally served at mealtime. Beer and other alcoholic drinks can be found in western-style hotels and restaurants.

    On remote trips, such as island trips or jungle trekking, the food will be limited to basics such as rice and vegetables with either chicken or tofu. Breakfast may have a Western or local option.

    Sure, we welcome anyone with a plant-based diet. Moreover, we can also assist if you have other food requirements. Please tell us in advance when you make your booking. There is a ‘dietary requirements’ section on our online booking form.


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