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Conservation Travel Is The Future!

Conservation Travel is the future!

For all lovers of wildlife and nature travellers, the future of travel is Conservation Travel. Don’t just be an eco-tourist, as the term ‘eco-tourism’ has become a cliche for some dubious destinations and activities. Conservation Travel affirms your commitment to sustainable tourism, according to accepted guidelines from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). In simple terms, it means that your visit will only have a positive impact on the local environment, community and economy.

But our tours go a step further, by including a specific financial contribution towards each conservation project that you visit. You can see for yourself what the money is spent on and how this is of benefit to wildlife species in their natural habitat, from the tigers in the rainforest jungle to the sea turtles on the tropical beaches. Even better, you can get involved in the action. Learn how to set up a camera trap or become an expert in spotting wildlife snares in the jungle.

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