Digital Marketing Internship for Conservation – 3 months, flexible location

Work Experience for Conservation

This short digital marketing internship allows you to gain some work experience without having to travel. You will develop digital marketing campaigns for projects in Conservation and Community Volunteering.

Practical Marketing Skills

You will work as a member of a virtual marketing team, located at various project sites all over the world. The team carries out all the day-to-day activities of the marketing function, especially content and inbound marketing.
The work for this digital marketing internship will include:
– Maintaining and updating the websites in WordPress
– Managing Social Media accounts using Hootsuite
– E-mail marketing campaigns with Mailchimp.
Additionally, you can choose special tasks suited to your strengths and interests. This could be blogging and other content development or using photography and videography.
 So, to summarize, your would be able to gain practical skills in WordPress, Hootsuite (all Social Media platforms), Mailchimp, Video and photography, in addition to conservation work experience.

Personal Coaching

Your own personal marketing coach will assist you. Barbara will help you develop your marketing skills and guide your work experience. She is a fully qualified tutor and examiner for the CIM Chartered Institute of Marketing. She will provide 20 hours of tutoring. Plus , you will also have training via specialist online courses. You can gain online certifications in content marketing, inbound marketing, social media management and other useful digital skills.

Flexible Timing and Location

 You are in control of when and where to do the work. Simply because this digital marketing internship is based on remote working from your preferred location, like your home or study centre. You can choose the start date of your internship and agree a detailed schedule with your tutor to achieve all your personal goals. You can also decide during or at the end of your internship, if you want more. For instance, you can add a formal qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, which can also be done via distance learning and tuition.

Good Value @ £250.-

We value all our interns who help us on a volunteer basis. As a non-profit social enterprise, there is no charge for our internships. The fee of £250 covers the personal tuition you will receive. Also included are the pre-and post- internship evaluations to ensure that you have met your personal goals.