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How is the food on a Malaysian Wildife trip?

Food is one of the biggest attractions. The cuisines of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore are closely linked by a mix of delicious Malay, Chinese and Indian cooking. Staple foods include rice and noodles, both in an amazing variety. For example, Congee (rice porridge), Bi Hoon (rice vermicelli), or Mee Goreng (fried noodles). Bread, in Western, Indian, or Chinese style, is also quite common. Normally, these staples will be accompanied by either chicken or fish. Other types of meat are more restricted due to ethnic and religious traditions. So, most meat is clearly labelled as halal or non-halal to comply with the Islamic religion.

Reassuringly, coffee and tea are widely available. They are generally served in a local style such as Teh Tarik (frothy sweet tea with condensed milk) or Kopi (strong coffee with milk and sugar). However, alcoholic drinks are not traditionally served at mealtime. Beer and other alcoholic drinks can be found in western-style hotels and restaurants.

On remote trips, such as island trips or jungle trekking, the food will be limited to basics such as rice and vegetables with either chicken or tofu. Breakfast may have a Western or local option.

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