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Observe pygmy elephants in a special wildlife corridor

This is a jungle trip with a difference! It is Borneo elephant conservation in action. You will not only be able to observe herds of elephants, but you will also plant a tree to support this unique project. Your guides are the actual facilitators. They collaborate directly with a local softwood and palm oil plantation.

Effectively, the plantation has a dedicated corridor to connect two different wildlife reserves. In this way, the animals have a path for moving between the two areas. Moreover, this approach should reduce human-elephant conflict which is a major issue in Borneo.

Plant trees for Borneo elephants

To enhance the ecosystem in and around the plantation, you will be encouraged to plant a tree. Your guides will source the saplings and explain fascinating facts about the native tropical trees. Then you will tour in a four-wheel-drive vehicle in search of elephants. Sometimes, a herd can be up to 20 animals. By the end of the day, you may be exhausted but much more knowledgeable about how wildlife and plantations can co-exist.

The team is extremely knowledgeable and we learnt a lot. They are both excellent at finding wildlife, particularly birds. They taught us much about the rain forest.”

Karen, from the U.K.


Your Borneo elephant conservation trip includes a stay in the wonderful forest of Tawau Hills in East Sabah. It has an abundance of flora and fauna: apart from elephants, you may see tropical birds such as hornbills and native primates like the red leaf monkey. Small predators such as the civet cat also roam these forests. Your experienced local guides will take you on morning and evening walks to enjoy this authentic rainforest experience. Tawau Hills is also famous for hot springs and the Galas Waterfall.

MOUNTAIN CLIMB - extend by 1 night

For an adventure boost, there is the option to extend by including a climb up the volcanic Mount Lucia. The hike is about 5 hours (one way) and quite challenging. The forest area of Mount Lucia is astounding. You will be able to enjoy a special sunset view at the summit.

The mountain camp is very basic. There is no electricity, just camping essentials. Of course, your guide will look after your needs in terms of food, water, and support. While there, you can experience a fabulous feeling of remoteness and connecting with nature.

Our guides are respected local conservationists and carry out animal rescue work for their own wildlife NGO. Over the years, they have released more than 100 animals: leopards, pangolins, snakes and other species. You will find them educational and sensitive to your needs, to make your Borneo rainforest trekking holiday an unforgettable experience.

Itinerary Borneo Elephant Conservation Holiday

Day 1: Pick-up and travel to the Park

At the start of your Borneo jungle adventure, we will pick you up from your location, at the airport, or in town. Then we will drive you to Tawau Hills Park. There you can check into your accommodation. This is a basic hostel but with private rooms. You can have lunch at the canteen. All meals are included in your trip.
At your leisure, you can get used to your pristine surroundings. During the evening walk, you can find many different frog species at the nearby pond. Their noise is extremely loud.

Day 2: Dolphin spotting and Jungle Trekking

Early morning, we will depart the park on a 1.5-hour journey to a nearby bay to carry out a Dolphin survey. This is part of a wider Borneo Dophins project in collaboration with local fishermen. We are training them to become guides. So they can earn extra income and work to protect nature at the same time.  On arrival, we can carry out a survey of dolphins and other wetland animals.

The Irrawaddy Dolphins can be found in the local river. They are beautiful creatures and seem to have a permanent smile on their face. The dolphins move in pods, anything from 3 to 15 animals. They do not leap like other dolphins, but seem to elegantly skim the water’s surface. Our Borneo Dolphins Project aims to find new interesting ways to help the local communities that live with dolphins. This includes training for the fishermen and educating the villagers to go plastic-free to protect the magnificent dolphins from pollution.

Day 3: Elephant tracking and jungle walk 

In the morning, you can enjoy the delights of your jungle location to hear the sounds of the singing gibbons. Maybe you can see some primates at sunrise. Then we will head to the plantation for our elephant observation. You will have a tasty lunch and then board our terrain vehicles to search for elephants in the wildlife corridor.
Excitingly, you will be able to plant some trees. So you can make a direct contribution to this worthwhile project to protect Borneo elephants for the future. Apart from seeing herds of roaming elephants, you will also learn about the trees and local community inside the plantation.
By evening, you will head back to the Tawau Hills Park for a well-deserved rest. If you still have the energy, then you can do a night walk.

Day 4: Waterfall walk and departure

On your last day, you will go for a walk to a beautiful waterfall. Then you can freshen up and pack. There will be transport to take you back to your hotel or the airport, or another local drop off.



    ♥ MOUNTAIN CLIMB (optional)

    4 days/3 nights:

    Rm 1,950 p.person

    Min. 2 people


    +Mountain climb – 5 D/4 N: 

    Rm 2,250 p.person 

    MINIMUM AGE: 18 years and above

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