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Wildlife rescue volunteering in the heart of Indonesia is amazing!

wildlife rescue volunteeringGet involved in Wildlife Rescue Volunteering. You’ll be helping our friends and neighbours in Indonesia. Moreover, you will contribute to vital work in caring for rescued animals and using enrichment to improve their lives.

The decline of Indonesia’s rainforests is resulting in reducing numbers of orangutans and other endangered species. Often, young animals are captured from the wild and sold illegally, to be kept as pets in cramped cages. This is where the rescue centre comes in.

You will help with Animal Care and Enrichment

The centre accepts and cares for animals rescued from illegal ownership. If possible, it rehabilitates and releases them back into the wild. Sadly, many animals cannot be released due to behavioural or health conditions caused by their previous owner. So the centre becomes their permanent home. Our wildlife rescue volunteering opportunities allow you to get close to the animals and help improve their welfare.For instance, by creating and implementing enrichment activities. The centre also helps educate locals and spread awareness of animal welfare and environmental protection. Moreover, volunteers can get involved with this programme. For instance, you can help with teaching English to the local community.




    From £ 655* or € 763*
    for 1 week

    • MINIMUM AGE: 18 and above
    • DURATION: 1 to 4 weeks
    • OPERATION: All year round

    My experience at the Rescue Centre was life changing.” Sam Hunt

    Shadow an Animal Keeper

    Working with different animals and keepers each day, you will be exposed to the full spectrum of wildlife at the centre. You will participate in food preparation and feeding, enclosure cleaning and animal enrichment activities and also spend a morning with the vet – a fantastic opportunity to observe, learn about the animals and ask questions! You will also participate in building or developing the enclosures.

    Rehabilitation and Release

    In the last 5 years, we have released 9 eagles in Java and many nearby. Some animals have been translocated to release programs on their native islands. As a volunteer, you will get the chance to visit a previous animal release site and learn more about the release process.

    Wildlife rescue volunteering
    Wildlife rescue volunteering
    Primate rehabilitation internship

    English Classes

    Every Wednesday, the centre holds the Kids English Club for the children from nearby villages, with the help local teachers. You will have the exciting opportunity to help organise learning activities and interactive games to encourage the children to learn English. You can also use this time to raise awareness of environmental sustainability!

    One of the centre’s newest programs is the Community English Session, where we encourage the local youths and adults to learn English by working with local teachers. Volunteers help out in community learning and teach conversational English through fun interactive games.

    Never taught before? Don’t worry! You will be supported through every step by your on-site facilitator.

    Cultural Engagement

    The centre continues to build a positive relationship with local villagers by engaging in various cultural activities. Examples include a batik (wax art) class, a traditional gamelan (music) class, traditional dances and performances.

    We also participate in informal sports sessions in the village to encourage locals to interact with others from different cultures. This is a brilliant opportunity for volunteers to experience the local culture and make new friends.

    Javan Dinner

    On Friday evenings, you will be welcomed into a staff member’s home or a local family for a traditional Javan dinner. Here, you will experience a traditional, home-cooked Javan cuisine, and maybe even try your hand preparing some. Their smiles are infectious and the delicious food just keeps on coming, so be sure to work up an appetite during the day!

    Note: A daily schedule, including free days for sightseeing, will be prepared based on your length of stay and the animals’ current needs.


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    All arrivals are on a Monday and departures are on a Sunday. This programme operates all year round.


    • 4 MAY 2020 – 31 MAY 2020
    • 21 DECEMBER 2020 – 3 JANUARY 2020


    AVERAGE GROUP SIZE: 4 – 8 Volunteers


    2 Weeks

    Equivalent to:




    3 Weeks

    Equivalent to:




    4 Weeks

    Equivalent to:




    All prices are in Rm Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), so please use the currency converter to know the exact price in your own currency.


    • Return airport pickup from Jogjakarta Airport (JOG)
    • Accommodation
    • Food & Cooking Facilities
    • All project activities


    • Flight fares
    • Travel insurance
    • Private transfers
    • Visa costs
    • Food/activities not included in the project


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    Shared (single-sex) twin rooms with en-suite shower and Western style toilet. Rooms come with air-con, drinking water, and tea/coffee facilities.

    Volunteers can opt for a double room for an extra charge of RM400 per week. This room is not always available so kindly confirm availability with us in advance when booking.

    There is a communal lobby area with a television, where volunteers can socialize and enjoy meals together. Internet access is available at the volunteer accommodation.

    All rooms have private balconies where you can dry laundry

    Wildlife rescue volunteering
    Wildlife rescue volunteering


    As you will soon find out, food is an important part of Indonesian culture!

    Currently, the centre employs a local chef to cook 3 meals per day. Volunteers will also go to the local night market once a week to sample more local delicacies. Night markets are an essential part of the Indonesian food culture, and thus part of understanding what Indonesia is all about.

    You will also get to venture out to some of the delicious local restaurants to try traditional Indonesian dishes.


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    Successes to date

    • Rescued & housed 186 animals
    • Confiscated & rescued 38 animals from illegal wildlife trade
    • Released 20 animals back into the wild including a Javan eagle in 2016
    • Initiated & developed the successful kids club, focusing on environmental sustainability
    • Held information booths to teach tourists about animal welfare and keeping endangered animals out of the pet trade
    • Continued teaching at the community English club
    Wildlife rescue volunteering indonesia orangutans
    Wildlife rescue volunteering indonesia

    Looking to the future

    The centre is constantly looking for new and interactive ways to help protect and care for rescued animals, whilst supporting and providing opportunities for the local community. The dedicated team still work tirelessly to rescue and release more animals each year, whilst building better enclosures for the rescued animals in the centre.

    This year, the centre is planning to initiate Skype sessions with schools around the world to teach students about rescued wildlife at the centre and raise awareness about the illegal wildlife pet trade.


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    What are the requirements to join this programme?

    Volunteers will need to be able to speak English or Bahasa Indonesia to be able to communicate with the staff/facilitator. The minimum age for the project is 18 years old.

    Do I need any previous wildlife experience/knowledge?

    No experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm for wildlife and caring for them. Our friendly staff will teach you everything you need to know about wildlife care!

    Who can join the project?

    We require our volunteers to be 18 years old and above.

    Project Information

    What is the mission and vision of the project?

    The project accepts and cares for rescued animals confiscated from illegal ownership under the Protected Wildlife Law. Whenever possible, the centre aims to rehabilitate and release the rescued animals. Unfortunately, WRC also serves as a permanent refuge for animals who cannot be returned to the wild due to health or behavioural conditions.

    What is a typical day at the project like?

    Volunteers will start working at 7.15 am to clean enclosures with the animal keeper. The first feeding will happen after morning snacks and the second feeding will happen after lunch. In the afternoon, volunteers would be involved in community-based activities such as teaching at the English Club or Kids Club. Or they can go on short excursions, or take a well-deserved rest.

    Is there a sample itinerary?

    Here is a list of volunteering activities you will be doing throughout your stay with the project:

    • Shadow an animal keeper helping clean enclosures, prepare food and help with feeding
    • Create and maintain enrichment activities for the animals
    • Visit animal release sights and learn all about the centre’s rehabilitation programmes
    • Engage in several cultural activities including a traditional gamelan (music) class, batik (wax art) class, traditional dance performances and informal sports sessions with locals
    • Help at Kids English Club, meeting and teaching local children. Plus assist with community conversational English classes where you’ll support the villagers in developing their English
    • Enjoy the taste of Indonesia with a traditional Javan dinner, prepared and served in the home of a staff member from the local village

    Insurance, Visa and Vaccinations

    Do I need insurance?

    We highly recommend travel insurance to safeguard against sickness, loss of money, flight delay/cancellation or lost baggage.
    Feel free to message us for further advice.

    Do I need visa?

    This depends on the country of origin and entry port into Indonesia. It is recommended that you speak to an Indonesian consulate in your home country if you plan on staying for more than 30 days.

    Check here if you are eligible for a 30-day visa free travel to Indonesia.

    Do I need vaccinations?

    Due to the nature of the work, volunteers are required to be vaccinated against Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A, B and C.

    Project services

    Is there internet access?

    WiFi is available at the accommodation.

    Are there ATMs nearby?

    There is an ATM 5-10 mins away from the Centre.

    What should I bring with me?

    Volunteers can refer to the project’s volunteer guide which includes a list of inventory that they should bring. This will be given upon booking with us.

    Will I get support and guidance during my stay?

    Of course! We are very proud of our friendly and talented team, who are happy to help throughout your stay. All of the project staff have amazing local knowledge and skill-sets, making them the perfect leaders and teachers.

    Any further queries you have before booking can be resolved by contacting us directly.

    Travel arrangement

    How do I get to WRC from Jogyakarta International Airport (JOG)?

    Volunteers will be picked up from the airport and taken to the project site.

    Other Information

    I have some specific questions about the project.

    We are always happy to help you with any enquiries. Feel free to contact us.

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