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Experience the Wild Nature of Ulu Muda

This Wild Elephant Safari will bring you to the depths of the tropical rainforest to encounter the herds of wild Asian elephants that roam in the jungle. You will be in the company of an outstanding guide and conservationist and staying at a remote forest ecolodge, only accessible by boat, and nestled among the high trees on the bank of a river. Forget about TV, Wifi. This is the real thing to get back in touch with nature and enjoy the abundant wildlife, such as elephants, big cats, deer, wild boar.

This forest lodge supports the conservation of Malaysian elephants, but they are best observed at a distance and with an expert guide, as you can see from this elephant encounter by MEME (Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephants).

Ulu Muda Forest Reserve

Located at the eastern frontier of Kedah, bordering the Thai province of Yala, the Ulu Muda is a 163,000ha lowland dipterocarp forest amd home to most of Malaysia’s large mammals. You will find about 321 species of birds including all 10 Hornbill species found in Malaysia including the very rare and globally threatened Plainpouched Hornbill.

Your Wild Elephant Safari  starts at the Muda Lake Jetty some 150km from Georgetown, Penang. After, you will take a ride on a traditional long-tailed wooden boat to the Forest Lodge at Kuala Labua, where your adventure starts..

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    From £305*or  € 345*

    or Rm 1,595  for 3 days & 2 nights

    • MINIMUM AGE: 18 and above (or family group)
    • DURATION:  3 – 5 days
    • MINIMUM PAX: 2 people

    A welcome comfort amidst the raw jungle. Great place to rest your feet after a long day of trailblazing, or just stay there and enjoy the jungle residents who are actually quite close by.” – Jason Nicholas


    Day 1: Kuala Lumpur to Penang
    Penang, also known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, is the best starting point to get to Lake Muda jetty. You can easily travel there from Kuala Lumpur: by road, it’s about 5 hurs and by air about an hour flying time. You will be able to sample the delights of Georgetown such as the historical sights of its UNESCO World heritage. It is also the food capital of Malaysia, because of its diverse mix of ethnic Chinese, Malay, Indian and Thai cuisine.

    From Georgetown, it’s a 2 hour journey by car to the Lake Muda jetty, where your guide will meet you. We can arrange a private transfer by our regular taxi service. The cost is approx. Rm 300, but we will confirm this to avoid any dispute. Pick up points are Georgetown or Butterworth.

    From the Muda Lake jetty, you will travel by a local wooden boat (sampan) into the rainforest to your accommodation. The lodge is situated at the Ulu Mud Field Research Centre which conducts field research for the protection and better management of the 160,000 hectares of the greater Ulu Muda forest reserve area.

    Day 2 & 3 (optional 4 & 5 days): Experience Ulu Muda
    For your rainforest stay, everything is tailored to your level of interest and fitness. Rlephants are likely to be found at the 15 saltlicks in the area, which can be reached by jungle trakking for the more active guests, or by river cruise for those who prefer a more leisurely pace. Other possible activite include overnight ca,ping, caving in the nearby limestone caves, swimming, rafting or just lazing by the river.

    Since the lodge is off-grid, there is no mobile or internet signal, so this is your chance to reconect with nature. You can wake up to the sounds of the rainforest such as the amazing calls of the local Lar gibbons.

    Day 3 (or 4 or 5): Ulu Muda to Penang
    Return to Muda jetty by boat. You can then travel onwards by road, back to Penang or Kuala Lumpur or other locations on the peninsula.

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    The starting point for this package is at Lake Muda jetty, in the northern state of Kedah near the border with Thailand. However, we can arrange a private taxi transfer from Penang to the jetty. We will tell you the amount you need to pay beforehand so that there’s no dispute.
    Wildlife communication internship


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    All year round. Please contact us to check date availability.

    MINIMUM NUMBER: 2 people

    borneo wild habitat restoration


    The minimum age for this adventure is:
    18 years,

    or for families with children of 13 years and above.


    4 Days & 3 Nights

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    5 Days & 4 Nights

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    • Accommodation
    • All Meals
    • Expert Jungle Guide
    • All project activities


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    Your accommodation is at the forest lodge, where there are eight twin rooms and three 6-bed dorms available for guests. All with a balcony and bathroom attached. You will be provided with camp beds, sleeping bags and air pillows in dorms. You are welcome to bring your own sleeping gear if you prefer. All beddings will be provided in our standard rooms. The area can be cool at night and is usually comfortable to sleep. Although we do have fans in all the rooms and dorms if you prefer.

    We are totally off the grid, hence our electricity is supplied via a small generator. We also have a small solar system to power our dining area and kitchen. Nevertheless, it always pays to be prepared by bringing along a torch/flashlight or two. We will provide lamps if necessary.

    Toilets are of the flushable sitting type and are attached to all rooms and dorms (en suite). We do not provide any toiletries like soaps and shampoos nor do we provide towels. 

    There is no landline, mobile signal or internet access at Earth Lodge. We like to think that this is one of the nice side benefits of being smack in the middle of the jungle!


    All meals are included in the package. The food served is halal. We can cater for special diets such as vegetarian and vegan, but please provide adavance notice when you book. We do not serve any alcohol but we can obtain beers upon prior request at a reasonable charge. Again, you are welcome to bring your own.


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    Ulu Muda is one of the least known and studied areas, which is mega-rich in wildlife, including Elephants, Tapirs, Rhinoceros, Tigers, Leopards and Gaurs. Also, it is one of the few areas that contain lowland tropical forest in the Malay Peninsula – most have been cleared for agriculture and livestock grazing. Therefore, much more needs to be done to learn about the area’s biodiversity.

    The team consists of passionate conservationists who aim to help raise awareness of the significance of Ulu Muda, while also striving to have low environmental footprint and practice ecotourism principles. Additionally, it is also the base for the Ulu Muda Field Research Center. Along with its conservation partner WWF Malaysia, the team has been actively engaging with the Kedah State Government and the Malaysian Federal Government to recognize and class Ulu Muda as a designated protected area under appropriate legislation. So far, the state has been positive to their approach – ongoing talks are being held between stakeholders to gazette a portion of the area as a State Park.



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