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This is the new way to travel! Moreover, it’s the only way, if you want to help save the Malayan Tiger, Pygmy Elephant, Orang Utan and many other endangered species.

Unlike eco-tourism, a dubious term these days, the purpose of conservation travel is crystal clear: your visit will contribute to the protection of local wildlife. It will deter poachers in the area and support local communities to earn a living from tourism.

You create a positive impact for conservation

The relatively new term Conservation Tourism ( definition in box ) has evolved from previous types of nature-based tourism. The crucial difference is that, with this definition, the net result should be a positive impact for biodiversity conservation after taking into account the negative impact of the travel footprint.

Conservation Tourism


Conservation tourism is defined as “commercial tourism which makes an ecologically significant net positive contribution to the effective conservation of biological diversity
(Buckley 2010).


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