Wild Elephant safari

Travel to the depths of the tropical rainforest to encounter the herds of wild Asian elephants that roam in the jungle.You will be in the company of an outstanding guide and conservationist and staying at a unique base, Earthlodge: a remote ecolodge, only accessible by boat, and nestled among the high trees on the bank of a river. Forget about TV, Wifi. This is the real thing to get back in touch with nature and enjoy the abundant wildlife, such as elephants, big cats, deer, wild boar. The area boasts 302 species of birds, including all 10 species of the hornbills found in Malaysia.

Earthlodge supports the conservation of Malaysian elephants, but they are best observed at a distance and with an expert guide, as you can see from this elephant encounter by MEME (Management & Ecology of Malayian Elephants).


Day 1:  Kuala Lumpur to Penang
Depart from Kuala Lumpur * and travel North (about 5 hours by car) to Penang, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. Your guide will meet you here and provide an introduction and preparation for your jungle safari.

*All our travel offers have Kuala Lumpur as starting point, but this can be adjusted to other locations in Malaysia. International flights, from outside Malaysia, are not included.

Day 2:   Georgetown, Penang
At leisure in Georgetown, where you can enjoy the historical sights of its UNESCO World heritage. It is also known as the food capital of Malaysia, because of its diverse mix of ethnic Chinese, Nyonya, Malay, Indian and Thai cuisine.

Day 3:   Ulu Muda
Your guide will take you 150 km overland to Muda Lake in the state of Kedah, which borders Thailand. From the Muda Lake jetty, you will go by local wooden boat (sampan) into the rainforest, crossing the lake and continuing on Muda river for about one and half hours. Earth Lodge is situated at the Ulu Muda Field Research Center, which conducts field research for the protection and better management of the 160,000 hectares of the greater Ulu Muda forest reserve area.

Accommodation at Earthlodge is simple, but comfortable. Each of the 14 rooms has its own bathroom with a shower and proper toilet. There is piped water for washing only, and drinking water is available in the dining area. Electricity is supplied via generator to provide lighting and fans at night. All meals and snacks are provided, and the dining area is also a cosy spot to socialise.

Day 4 & 5:   Ulu Muda
There is no set schedule for wildlife watching at Earthlodge and everything is tailored to visitors’ level of interest and fitness. Elephants are most likely to be found at the 15 saltlicks in the area, which can be reached by jungle trekking, for the more active guests, or by river cruise, for those who prefer a more leisurely pace. Other possible activities include overnight camping, caving in the nearby limestone caves, swimming, rafting or just lazing by the river.

Day 6:   Ulu Muda to Kuala Lumpur
Return travel will be back to Muda jetty by boat and then by car to Kuala Lumpur (about 5 hours) via the PLUS highway.