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Night spotting to study nocturnal animals of South East Asia

Wildlife Conservation projects
1. The pioneers of Sun Bear Conservation in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
2. Night spotting to study nocturnal animals of South East Asia
3. Wild Gibbon Rescue and Rehabilitation in peninsular Malaysia

Nocturnal mammals are some of the most understudied yet incredibly vital animals of our ecosystems as seed dispersers and pollinators. Night Spotting Project (NSP) is an initiative to research and raise awareness for the nocturnal mammals of South East Asia. The project’s aim is to study nocturnal animals. In particular, the research highlights various elements from bioacoustics, behaviour, and human-wildlife interactions. NSP focuses on but is not limited to, the slow loris, Sunda colugo, and the flying squirrel as their main subject species.

Saving nocturnal animals via education

The founder of NSP, Priscillia Miard, is heavily involved in conducting her own research on nocturnal mammals. Deservingly, she has had her work recognised by academic journals and online magazines.  Based on Langkawi Island, NSP encourages community-led initiatives to increase awareness and public education through field training, various volunteer activities, and night surveys. 


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