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Become an sustainability leader with the CONSERVATION MARKETING STUDY INTERNSHIP

Communication is a vital part of conservation. It is needed within teams to achieve a common vision and goals, and it is necessary to address a wider audience. Although conservation science is evolving, not many conservationists have professional marketing communication skills. Through this pioneering conservation marketing study internship, we aim to nurture future ecological leaders as skillful communicators.  


You will be studying as a distance learner for the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a globally recognised professional marketing body and the largest worldwide. You will learn at graduate level about the role of marketing and the influence of consumer behaviour (Module: Marketing). You will also become skilled in the diverse tools and methods to communicate, both internally and externally (Module: Integrated Communications). Finally, there are electives to understand the rapidly changing disciplines of Digital or Customer Experience. Once you have completed the full course (Total of Three modules), you will be fully equipped as a marketing communications professional for the non-profit arena. Your professional skills will be equally valid in the public or private sector


You will be working as an intern at one of our conservation projects* in Malaysia, whilst doing your part-time study. Because the course is practice-based, you will be able to apply all your new skills and knowledge for the benefit of the local conservation and community work. You may get involved in digital campaigns using the website and  social media, or you may carry out consumer surveys to understand how volunteers and donors want to support our work to save endangered wildlife or make local communities more sustainable.

* the exact project, location and marketing focus are flexible depending on your interests and strenghts and will be confirmed prior to enrolment 

Barbara de Waard CIM tutor & examiner

Personal Tutoring

Throughout the one year conservation marketing study internship, you will receive one-to-one personal tutoring from Barbara de Waard, an experienced marketing professional and official CIM tutor and examiner.

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In her non-profit company Biodiversity Business, Barbara combines her lifelong experience in marketing communications with her passion for animals. Her mission is #Communication4Conservation: saving endangered species and their habitats.

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