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Lang Tengah Turtle Watch

Turtle Conservation Projects
1. Juara Turtle Project
2. Lang Tengah Turtle Watch
3. Kudat Turtle Conservation Society

The Lang Tengah Turtle Watch was established in 2013 with help from WWF conservation specialists and Terengganu state officials. Their core objectives are to protect the sea turtle population from extinction through research and monitoring turtle landings, as well as hatchling nest management. Importantly, staff and volunteers remain on their sites 24 hours a day. They perform regular patrols of the nesting beaches and work closely together to prevent any threats, such as predation or egg poachers.

Here you can see one of the most successfully hatched nests. With an AMAZING 98% hatching rate, 113  turtle hatchlings managed to make it to the sea at the Tanjong Jara Resort site. 

Since 2018, Lang Tengah Turtle Watch has begun to expand its work into the conservation of terrestrial fauna and other marine life found on the island. This includes projects focused on fish species diversity and coral restoration. In 2021, the coral restoration team of Lang Tengah Turtle Watch grew 356 coral fragments in their nursery and has successfully planted out 24 of them since.


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