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Welcome to our new intern Eleanor, who is pictured here, being handed her enrolment papers by Kiran Kapur, the CEO of Cambridge Marketing College. Eleanor will be focusing on digital and content marketing for our partner organisation Ecoteer, whilst at…

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Making Tiger Conservation real

The 'Realm of the Tiger' expedition organised by MYCAT (Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers) has been a great success and the 2017 trip is now fully booked. This shows that there is genuine interest amongst zookeepers and the wider conservation…

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Have you ever seen a Terrapin smile?

Please support the awesome team at TCS Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia by voting for their entry to win ' Good Story of the Year 2016'! It features their River Terrapin Conservation Project with  a 3 minute video showing the challenges of setting…

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Watch Borneo’s awesome Flying Squirel in action

When a group of volunteers from APE Malaysia visited Sepilok Discovery Centre recently, they were lucky enough to witness an amazing sight: the Giant Red Flying Squirel in full flight, just above their heads. This remarkable rodent, which is deep…

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Check out our inspiring internships

There are some amazing wildlife internships in the pipeline for 2017 and these will be published soon. So stay tuned. In the meantime, please have a look at these opportunites for interns and full time paid jobs, for which the…

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Conservation Travel is the future! all lovers of wildlife and nature travellers, the future of travel is Conservation Travel. Don't just be an eco-tourist, as the term 'eco-tourism' has become a cliche for some dubious destinations and activities. Conservation Travel affirms your commitment to…

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